IMG_0736Hi and Welcome to all Dudes!! This is a historical moment in the life of Dudiedog bandanas… the very first post of our blog! I hope this is going to be a fun and informative page, keeping you all up to date with what we are doing. We’ll show you new designs as we make them, and resident Border Collie, Skye Blue (supermodel and product tester) will be keeping you up to date with the latest fashions, as well as giving you snapshots of life here in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. We’ll also let your dogs show off their bandanas, so theyΒ can feel like supermodels too!
Some of you will already know the story of Dudiedog’s beginnings. It was the idea of our daughter, who was ten at the time. Flo decided we should make a bandana for Skye Blue, so we found a suitable piece of fabric in the sewing box, and the first bandana was made. Skye Blue was much admired out and about in his bandana, so we decided to make some more. Friends wanted them for their dogs, and soon Flo realised that this would be a great way to raise some money to buy a new cello (as she had grown out of her half size). At weekends in the summer she would fill a basket with bandanas and carry it with her as we walked Skye Blue. It soon became clear that these bandanas were very popular, and she was a great little seller!
At Christmas we took a little stall at the Grassington Dickensian festival, and after great success the first weekend, we realised that we needed to up production, and start to buy fabric wholesale. We bought a couple of rolls of Christmas fabric, and I spent the next two weeks sewing day and night. We sold out of bandanas on each of the two Saturdays.
After Christmas we decided that Dudiedog was potentially a real business, and now, just over a year later, our bandanas sell all over the world, and the quality and great customer service we offer mean that we have lots of happy, lovely customers.
I hope you will all enjoy this blog.Β 


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