Where is Spring?!

It’s been a very dull and Murky day here in The Dales. Skye Blue and I went out for our usual early morning walk, and we could barely see the hills for the grey mist. We could hear the call of the curlew though…these fab birds are at last arriving back in the dale, and their distinctive, quavering call can be heard, even when the birds themselves can’t be seen. There are very few visible signs of spring…not much in the way of buds on trees, or shoots coming through the earth. The lambs are starting to arrive though, and Skye Blue is spending a lot of his time staring intently at them. I wonder what he’s thinking!
Back at Dudiedog HQ I continued with all the orders that had come in over the weekend. The latest designs are selling really well, particularly the ‘Bunny Dude’ and the new ‘Captain Dude’.
At lunchtime the postman brought strange post…a returned parcel from Washington State. This parcel was presumed lost a few weeks ago, and I had already sent out replacement bandanas to the customer, and they had been received. The returned parcel had a sticker on it which said ‘Return to sender…No Mail Receptacle….Unable to forward….Return to sender.! Β Those three bandanas have covered a lot of miles!!

Our Dudiedog of the Day today was gorgeous brown-eyedΒ Dude, Danny Boy! He is wearing his ‘Loving Dude’ bandana in red, and is looking rather spectacular, even though I say so myself!


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