A New Competition is Launched!

On Monday we launched a brand new competition on our facebook page. I’d been trying to decide for a week or two what the theme would be this time, and in the end I decided on ‘Dudes in Disguise’. I think this is going to be great fun!  We have categories for dogs with bandanas and dogs without, so it’s open to everyone! It can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Soon after launching the competition our first entry came in from lovely regular customer Dinky. She was looking fabulous  in disguise as ‘The Wolf in Disguise as The Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood!

Skye Blue modelling our new 'Sailor Dude' bandana
Skye Blue modelling our new ‘Sailor Dude’ bandanin!

Yesterday saw the return of what has probably been our best selling design…’Sailor Dude’. This has been out of stock for a while, but a

Our new 'Biscuit' Vintage Rose bandana
Our new ‘Biscuit’ Vintage Rose bandana
Our new in 'Sailor Dude' bandana
Our new in ‘Sailor Dude’ bandana

new roll of fabric finally arrived. For a change I decided to buy it in the Royal Blue and white stripe with Red Anchors, as opposed to the Navy Blue I had last time. Within an hour of listing it on my Etsy shop and the Dudiedog website, several had sold! I think it’s going to be very popular for the spring and summer!

In the same delivery were two rolls of cotton in new colourways of our very popular Vintage Rose fabric. I bought a lovely pale turquoise version, and a gorgeous beige or biscuit version. I’m sure these will be really popular with the girls as spring and summer approach. They are both really pretty, and the biscuit version in partucular is very Vintage.

 We had a little bit of Spring here in The Dales today! The sun shone, and it actually felt quite warm. I think it reached about 13 degrees C. Skye Blue enjoyed his walk by the beck this morning…he had a paddle, and fetched sticks out

of the water. He did a bit of rodent hunting by the water’s edge, but as usual found nothing! He never gives up though!

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