Easter in The Dales

  • Easter Saturday is a big day in the Hebden Calendar…the day of the annual Hebden duck race! The residents of our little Dales village congregate by Hebden Ghyll at 2pm for the big race! In the weeks running up to the race we can buy duck numbers at £1 each…each duck has a number.  There are about 300 yellow plastic ducks, and this year was  a particularly good year for sales, with nearly 500 numbers being sold! Because of this lots of the ducks were shared by two people, and there were 2 prizes for each winning duck.
  • It was a lovely dry day, and the sun came out for the 2pm start. There was a great turnout, with both young and old coming out to spectate. Hebden is a small village, with only about 150 residents and a great sense of community.
  • Due to the rain on the days running up to the race, the Ghyll was quite fast flowing, so when the ducks were released into the water they zoomed along fairly quickly. James, Gary and Stuart had quite a job collecting the ducks as they arrived at the finishing post. We thought that some were going to escape, and head down to the River Wharfe, but they were pulled out in a nick of time! The winning duck was number 64, winning the first prize of £20. The owners of the next six ducks to arrive home all won Easter Eggs. We were really lucky this year, as one of our ducks came home in 5th place!

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