DSC02705 (2)Wow! Friday has  come around again, and this is a significant one, as it’s the start of the school holidays!6 (or is it 7??!!) whole weeks of Flo’s company!! We’re hoping to make it away at the end of August for a week or two, but as usual we have nothing planned, so I’m being accused of being a terrible parent! I need to make lots more bandanas before we can take a break anywhere!

I’ve had great fun making some embroidered Birthday bandanas this week! These are perfect if your dog has a Birthday coming up, and would also make a fabulous gift for your doggy friends! They’re not on the website yet, but will be making it there in the next couple of days. These embroidered designs will look great on any fairly pale coloured bandanas.

We’ve also been trying to plan a couple of events for later in the year. We hope to have a stall again at the Grassington Dickensian Christmas Market in December, and also hope to have a stall at the Saltaire Festival weekend in early September. We don’t generally do much in the way of events…I suppose just because I am generally too busy sewing to get out. It’s sad really, as it’s so nice to get out and meet some of our lovely customers. I’d really love Dudiedog Bandanas to be on show at some of the big Doggy events one day!

Well, back to work now! More bandanas to make, and a busy weekend ahead! Have a great weekend everyone! DSC03909 (2)DSC03835 (3)

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