At the weekend Skye Blue met Alfie Pug! Alfie was visiting The Yorkshire Dales with his family, and we arranged to meet up in the afternoon at our favourite cafe, Wharfe View Tearooms. This is a fabulous cafe in the very pretty village of Burnsall, and it’s run by two lovely ladies, Jennifer & Heather. They may come across as very slightly crazy, as they rush around, welcoming all, chatting with everyone, and making sure that customers are served quickly and are happy! Everyone gets a warm welcome at Wharfe View Tearooms….cyclists, hikers, dogs…it doesn’t matter how muddy or wet you are! It’s a favourite haunt of Olympians, notably our local boy, Gold medalist rower Andy Hodge, and the Brownlee brothers, who we’re told enjoy poached eggs and cake! It’s a really lovely walk along the river from Dudiedog HQ, and it’s a walk that Skye Blue enjoys regularly.

Skye Blue and Alfie Pug got on really well, and were very well behaved in the cafe. Flo has a little Sunday job there, so she served us. We all had cake, and as usual they were all extremely yummy! There’s a great cake trolley, and there are usually about 15 or so to choose from, all home made of course.

I’ve had some lovely pug cotton jersey  in the sewing studio for quite a while, so I decided that it was time to make something from it. As the jersey has a bit of stretch to it it’s not great for tying, so I made a panel bandana with Royal Blue cotton sides and ties, which compliment the turquoise Pug cotton beautifully. This new bandana is available on the Dudiedog website now. DSC03937 (3)

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