It’s the 1st of August, and that means it’s Yorkshire Day apparently! There’s only one member of our family who’s Yorkshire born and bred, and that’s Skye Blue. We can only assume this because James found him wandering on Malham Moor as a 12/13 week old puppy, and it’s most likely that he was either cast out from a farm, or left up there by someone who’d quickly realised that they didn’t want him. After weeks of fostering, and a growing fear that someone might actually come and claim him, Skye Blue eventually became an official member of our family. I’m sure that he’d decided as soon as he arrived that he was going to stay, and the uncertainty in our minds was soon overcome.

We were fairly new to the Dales, and a young Border Collie fitted into our lives perfectly. Our door opens straight onto a green lane that heads up into the hills, and you can walk for miles without seeing a soul. Skye Blue was a loving and happy little character, full of fun and mischief. He loved water and mud…he still does!

We feel really lucky to live in such a beautiful part of this huge county. Life hasn’t always been easy here…just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean that it’s always perfect. There are challenges wherever you live. What we have found in Yorkshire is that the people are pretty much always really friendly, the cheese is epic, the beer is good, the fish and chips can’t be beaten, the landscapes are awesome and incredibly varied, and best of all there are innumerable fabulous walkies! I wonder if any of you have spent time in Yorkshire, and what your favourite things were/are?


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