Autumn has arrived early in the Dales this year, and the arrival of September has brought much cooler days, lots of rain, and even our first frost. Skye Blue loves the cooler weather, and he seems to be like a puppy again! His favourite pastime at the moment is flushing all of the pheasants and rabbits out of bracken up the Ghyll! He has so much fun, and when he comes home he generally just hops straight into his bed!


It’s always quite difficult finding lovely Halloween prints, but this year I was very excited to find some great new designs, so we have a fabulous selection of spooky Halloween dog bandanas! I created a category specially for them on the website, so they’re easy to find and browse. They are all high quality cottons, and will be great fun for any Dudiedogs wanting to join in with the Halloween fun, or helping out with the Trick or Treating! As usual these are available in 7 sizes, so there’s one to fit every dog! Bow Ties and Droolbuster dog bibs are also going to be available in these prints.


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