Does Skye Blue think he’s spotted the Easter Bunny??!!

It’s at last beginning to feel like Spring is arriving here in the Dales. The days are longer, the primroses are springing up, and the owls are keeping us awake at night! We seem to have got away with a very easy winter this year…we haven’t been snowed in once, and the bits of snow we did have cleared away quickly.

It’s National Pet Month, and throughout April until the 6th May we’re donating 10% of our website sales to our local Rescue Charity, Moorview Rescue. They do lots of great work caring for and rehoming pets, and they rely totally on donations to fund their work. We wanted to do something to help pets who aren’t as fortunate as our boy (who is also a rescue). So buy before 6th May to help this great cause!

Spring bandanas have been selling well, with the cute Spring Bunny bandana being the most popular. Spring Bunny bow ties have been a big hit this year too, and our latest floral designs are being very popular too.

It’s amazing how quickly the time flies! It won’t be long before I’m having to decide on our Christmas collections! The Christmas rush began in late July last year! We had a really great time attending various Christmas events/markets, and meeting lots of lovely Dudiedogs! We’re going to be doing the same this year, so keep an eye out for where our stalls are going to be!

Skye Blue Border Collie wearing Easter dog bandana, handmade by Dudiedog Bandanas
Spring Walkies

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