Well, we’ve arrived at that wet and windy time of year, and Skye Blue is very happy, both out and about paddling in the mud, and also in his cosy bed in front of the fire. It’s getting dark earlier every day, and I can’t believe we’re already nearly half way through October!

Here at Dudiedog HQ I’m busy making Halloween and Christmas bandanas. The Christmas orders come in earlier each year, and some of the Christmas prints are already starting to run low. But Halloween comes first of course, and we have lots of lovely Spooky dog bandanas, including Bats, Ghosts, Spooky Eyes, Webs, and all sorts of  other not too scary prints!!! Skye Blue has happily been trying out the new designs. I think he looks so dashing in the Batty print bandana…it’s clear that he approves! The Halloween bandanas are all made from super quality designer cottons, and until 11pm on Sunday the 15th October 10% will be deducted from the price of them at checkout. Here’s the link to the Spooky department of the Dudiedog website!

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As well as lots of bandana making Skye Blue and I have been dodging the many showers to go out on our daily walkies. The Dales are looking rather dreary, but on the rare occasions that the sun is making an appearance the autumn colours are looking quite pretty.

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I wonder what all of our doggy friends are going to be doing for Halloween? Skye Blue quite enjoys having a visit from all of the children of the village when they’re out Trick or Treating. They always make a big fuss of him, and he usually has some special Halloween treats too. He really enjoys a bit of pumpkin that I roast for him when we’ve finished making the pumpkin lanterns.

Enjoy your Halloween preparations, and don’t forget to visit the shop before Sunday night for 10% off!


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